James Swallow

Role at PRO Partner Group

James is the Commercial Director at PRO Partner Group and is normally the first point of contact for clients looking to expand into the region.
James specialises in understanding the process and procedures involved when companies and investors are looking to enter or expand across the GCC – his primary focus and expertise is Abu Dhabi and Dubai. He is based in Abu Dhabi but travels extensively across the region and in Europe.
James recognises that no two companies are alike in structure, goals and objectives and he takes special care in tailoring his approach to his clients.
James’s primary role is to understand a client’s objectives and provide a tailored solution to fit their requirements in the most cost-effective and stress-fee way.
He specialises in the following areas:

Company Formation Advice
James and his team at PRO Partner Group provide early stage advice and feasibility information for companies and investors contemplating expansion or diversification into the region. It is essential that companies get reliable and accurate information about establishment options, costs and logistics as well as honest information on timescales and what is and is not possible. James and his team are able to provide a tailored feasibility study to allow companies and individuals to make informed decisions prior to substantial investment.

HR Consultancy and Support
PRO Partner Group provides companies and investors with direct advice on the costs and logistics surrounding HR and recruitment of staff in the region. Whether these staff will be permanent residents as part of an Onshore or Free Zone Company or temporary staff on mission visas for a particular project, James and the team can advise what is possible and then assist with the mechanics of obtaining staff Visas and permits. PRO Partner Group can then also maintain those staff members records through its internal CRM document management system, handle the WPS (Wage Protection System) process for clients as well as all Ministry of Labour and Immigration issues and renewals.

Local Partner Services
PRO Partner Group can provide a professional corporate nominee service as the local partner – which is a requirement under the governing laws in the UAE for Onshore Companies. PRO Partner Group take care of all governmental and regulatory procedures allowing companies to focus on their core business, whilst ensuring that full management, administrative and financial control remains with the foreign party and the appointed General Manager.

Active Local Partner Services
Through our well established on-the-ground connection PPG can also facilitate business and provide introductions if and when required.

James Swallow maintains excellent working relationships with a number of Business Councils, Trade Bodies and Chambers from Europe, North America, Canada and Australia and has a strong business network to assist in structuring partnerships between International Entities and Middle Eastern Groups.
As a witness to considerable change in the region over the past 35 years James understands that tremendous opportunities exist in the UAE and is excited about the future potential.


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