James Swallow

PRO Partner Group

PRO Partner Group is the leading business formation and support company in Abu Dhabi and Dubai – We specialise in providing foreign investors with a stress free and financially efficient approach to setting up and running a company within the UAE.

At PRO Partner Group we provide the following services:

Corporate Set-Up Services

There are limited methods by which a foreign investor can set-up their business in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Utilising our experience and expertise, PRO Partner Group will help you determine the best fit from the relevant options. With the formation of over 200 Limited Liability Companies, Representative and Branch Offices, we have built a strong reputation in providing a stress free and financially efficient approach to company formation and support in the region.

Corporate Partnership Services

Under UAE Law when setting up an onshore company in the UAE you must find a local partner. At PRO Partner Group we provide clients with a secure professional ‘Corporate Partnership’ service rather than an individual local sponsor, which offers offering added protection under Companies Law. We assist the foreign party in ensuring that it maintains 100% control of finance, administration and management – with assets and intellectual property protected.

Visa & PRO Services

PRO Partner Group also specialise in PRO work within Abu Dhabi and Dubai – obtaining company trade names and licences from the DED as well as external approvals and renewals etc, together with Ministry of Labour Quotas and Approvals, Immigration Visas, ID cards, Mission Visas and Offshore CNIA passes for Oil and Gas.

Our expert team is available to our clients on a retainer basis to provide proven expertise and advice and all up to date information of any process changes at various governmental departments

Specialist Advisory Services

PRO Partner Group also helps companies to raise their profile and to get access to potential investors through our long standing business relationships and market expertise in the Middle East.

Commercial Agency & Distribution

PRO Partner Group have a network of distributors and local contacts in the UAE, Qatar and beyond that enable them to formulate commercial agency agreements for the distribution of a variety of products and services. We can also assist in providing local manufacturing facilities to clients as well as becoming a wholesaler for select products.

Project Discovery and Business Introduction

Our knowledgeable team is the leading choice for foreign multi-national companies and SMEs who wish to establish themselves in the region to win projects and tenders within a variety of key industries. We provide project discovery and business generation services through our extensive network of connections and experience of the market.


James Swallow is the commerical director of Pro Partner Group