James Swallow

Investing in Diamonds

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Creating the finest diamond jewellery is very simple with London Diamonds. Whether you’re new to diamond investment or highly experienced, we offer low margins and excellent UK based customer service.

London Diamonds

London Diamonds

Diamonds have outperformed gold, shares and London property in recent years and with investors nervous about the long-term implications of central bank’s policy of money printing, diamonds are now a part of every professional investors landscape.

Easy to store and totally portable, diamonds have been used as a means of wealth transfer and objects of desire since the first century AD when the Roman naturalist Pliny stated:

‘Diamond is the most valuable, not only of precious stones, but of all things in this world’.

After all, what else can offer protection from inflation, interest rates and currency risk whilst growing steadily in price? Unlike gold and stock markets, diamond prices are not volatile.

Co-founder of London Diamonds, James Swallow, made the following point:

‘Did you know that diamonds hold more value per gram than any other traded element in the world? The fact that such a small item can be so valuable is astounding when you consider that you can keep a £5m diamond in the smallest of safes or even your jacket pocket if you are brave enough’.

As the hardest and most durable material known to man, there is no stigma in owning or selling a ‘second hand’ stone.

Demand is soaring from the new ‘middle class’ of China and India, whilst supply is limited, with no major mines being discovered in recent years.

In the past it has been impossible to buy diamonds or create bespoke diamond jewellery for, the margins have been too big and it has been a ‘closed shop’ to outsiders.

Until now.

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