James Swallow

James Swallow’s Career

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Originally from Yorkshire, James was educated at school in York before going on to study his degree at Edinburgh University in Scotland.

After graduation, he worked in the USA for a sales and marketing company and was consistently the top grossing regional sales manager in the company.

He then joined a graduate programme with a boutique investment company in London in 1998 and found great success in his role as a sales trader.

His success allowed him in 2001 to co-found what became the largest independent derivatives brokerage in the UK by 2007. He successfully managing and grew the business from a standing start and the company went on to transform the retail derivatives trading landscape.

Having maintained his interests in the UK, James then moved to the Middle East, first to Qatar and then to the United Arab Emirates.  James Swallow is now based in Abu Dhabi where he is the Commercial Director for PRO Partner Group.

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