James Swallow

About James Swallow


James Swallow has extensive experience across all operational parts of business and thrives on improving, organising and managing the development of a complex business whilst maintaining the bottom line to ensure the organisation is profitable.

James started a derivatives brokerage in 2000 and grew it from a two man operation into one of the most successful advisory derivative trading houses in the UK.

James is currently Commercial Director of Middle East based PRO Partner Group, who specialise in providing foreign investors with a stress-free and financially efficient approach to establishing a profitable corporate presence in the UAE, Qatar and Oman.

PRO Partner Group provides Company Formation and Corporate Partnership Services to foreign companies and investors looking to establish a presence in the region.

James focuses his skills in the area of business development but also maintains a keen interest in online and offline marketing, copywriting and public relations. He’s also a keen investor in start-ups and early stage service based businesses as well as websites and tech companies.

James is IT literate and has an extensive knowledge of Excel both from a quantitative analysis perspective as well as the use of spreadsheets to organise and manage complex business environments where there may be multiple revenue streams and many overlapping players within a group structure.

James is numerate and conversant with detailed company accounts, cash flow analysis and the use of accounting packages, ERPs and CRMs and is able to provide senior management with timely visibility, projections and budgets going forward.

James is very experienced in the mechanics of UK, European and Middle Eastern company formation and administration and has a keen working knowledge of company and employment law and financial and global market regulation.

James is also proficient in the use of social media, PR and SEO to maximise online brand awareness, marketing and lead generation and he is skilled at proofing and generating copy for marketing and PR purposes.


James runs his own investment portfolios and maintains a keen interest in global macroeconomics and world markets.

James enjoys tinkering with and building PCs as a hobby as well as coding and App design.  He has recently funded a number of start-up businesses in the tech and service sectors.

He enjoys travelling and experiencing new cultures and speaks fluent French – as well as riding motorbikes, playing football and rugby and spending quality time with his wife and family.

James Swallow