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A Welcome from James Swallow

Hello and welcome to my website. My name is James Swallow.

I am the Commercial Director at PRO Partner Group.  PRO Partner Group is the leading business formation and support company in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.  We specialise in providing foreign investors with a stress free and financially efficient approach to establishing and maintaining a profitable corporate presence within the UAE.

I provide impartial advice regarding the best way to set-up here in the UAE – Offshore, Free-Zone, Onshore – LLC, Foreign Branch, Rep Office – together with the pros and cons of each.

When dealing with ‘onshore’ company formation such as LLCs and Foreign Branches (where a local partner is required by law), we provide a secure professional ‘Corporate Partnership’ service, rather than an individual local sponsor, which offers succession planning and added protection under Companies Law and we ensure full management, administrative and financial control remains with the foreign party and the appointed General Manager and intellectual property and assets are protected.

With our extensive on-the-ground connections we are also able to facilitate new business and provide introductions if and when required.

We also undertake the ‘PRO work‘ obtaining the relevant licences, visas, approvals and renewals.  As your local partner PRO Partner Group is able to sit in the background and provide full support to ensure you can focus on running your business successfully and correctly within UAE laws and regulations.

Previously I have worked in the UK, USA, Qatar and the UAE where I have built up extensive experience across all operational parts of business. I am confident in working with people from many walks of life and different cultures and believe one of my main strengths is to be able to connect with people and understand and motivate them.

I am very experienced in the mechanics of Middle Eastern company formation and administration and have a keen working knowledge of company and employment law, agency and regional business development and financial and global market regulation.

I focus on my skills in the area of business development but also maintain a keen interest in online and offline marketing, copywriting and public relations. Throughout my career I have become somewhat of a keen investor in start-ups and early stage service based businesses as well as websites and tech companies.

You can find out more here – or why not follow me on Twitter.

James Swallow

James Swallow